Card Set: #9003 Zebra Set of 4



Bring the lost art of writing thank you notes back with a bang! Nothing says “thank you” like a zebra outwardly expressing through gyrations exactly how you feel on the inside.

A boxed set of four 4″x6″ cards includes a variety of colors: cheery yellow, holiday green, rosy pink, and true blue. (Colorful envelopes are included to mix-and-match as you please.) The inside of the card simply says “thanks” and the back of the card features an African proverb about gratitude:

Let us be thankful for those who make us happy, for they make our souls blossom. ~Ethiopian proverb
Gratitude is the best of virtues. ~Gambian proverb
Kindness lifts a person up from the ground. ~Ethiopian proverb
Anticipate the good so that you may enjoy it. ~African proverb

Proceeds from the Zebra Collection are awarded as scholarships to Liberian students who demonstrate diligence and determination in their studies and take an active role in the growth and development of their local communities. Thank you for effecting change towards healthy community.

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