Bookmark Set: #9000 Safari Set of 5


Books allow you to travel.  The safari bookmark will not let you get lost as you travel to faraway places in your favorite book. 

  • Set of 5 brightly colored safari bookmarks
  • Packaged in a lovely handmade banana box
  • Proverbs on back


"The thing that causes an elephant to fail is not strength, but cleverness that beats the mighty" -Lugandan Proverb

"Kindness can pluck the hairs of a lion's mustache." -Sudanese Proverb

"The rhino and the giraffe cannot reach the same leaves, but together they can strip the same tree" -African Proverb

"You can't mistake elephant footprints with those of a hippopotamus." -African Proverb

"The hyena chasing two gazelles at the same time will go to bed hungry." -African Proverb

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